Here for You

At Toussaint LLC, we develop advancements in quantum mechanics and material science to create and market novel technologies designed to obsolesce climate change and it's correlated affects on civilization. We develop self-sustained thermal management equipment to improve the performance and efficacy of existing technology cost effectively, by leveraging our carbon based semiconductor material.

We intend to produce our material from coal, and later, plastics and CO2 using the flash graphene technique(Flash graphene rocks strategy for plastic waste ( The abundance of these materials will ensure that our products are both cost effective and improves the health of the environment.


Our Mission

The prolific use of fossil fuels has resulted in a rise of our planet’s carbon dioxide (CO2), to levels not seen in over 5 millions years. CO2 acts as a blanket around the earth, warming it up.

The technology for a complete transition to clean energy is now possible. In order to subvert climate change we must take control and choose to offset our dependence on harmful fossil fuels. It's our moral responsibility to leave our planet in a better condition for our future generations than we found it.

To this end, Toussaint has developed a plan to certify and release 3 technologies over 5 years, designed to reverse climate change. Each project will be announced at different times.

  1. Project: Saint Solar. ​The next generation in commercial photovoltaic power generation systems. Enables commercial solar installations with over twice the renewable energy generation, reducing the ecological footprint of solar manufacture by more than 50%. Fewer panels to meet the same energy demand, means less demand on the environment.

  2. Project: HVAC-R. TBA

  3. Project: Phoenix Down. TBA