Project: Saint Solar

  • 40%+ efficiency

  • Faster return on investment

  • Thermal management features:

    • Evaporative cooling​ keeps panels to 77°F

    • De-Icing melts snow and ice off of equipment

  • Power management features:

    • Obstructive shade power loss mitigation

    • Stable rated, power output

    • Peaker mode boosts panel output over rating briefly

  • 45+ year life span

  • Energy management and analysis software


The New Standard in Solar.

Toussaint is committed to providing win win solutions to every major problem facing civilization. To that end we seek to produce photovoltaic equipment with greater power density and return on investment than our competition. 

Our Installation uses waste heat from solar panels to power our thermal management features. This results in the commercial viability of solar cells of over 40% efficiency like this High-Efficiency Solar Cell ( Our Installation uses half the panels to meet the same demand as our competitors, reducing Installation costs up to 50%. Its thermal management features mitigates power losses regardless of weather conditions. and its software optimizes panel output and management to generate the maximum revenue possible, reducing the time it takes to pay it's self off.


Best in Class

Creating a self-sustained thermal management system for photovoltaic power generation systems broadens the commercial viability of photovoltaic technology. 

De-icing panels in snowy regions drastically improves annual power generation. Shade mitigation improves generation in cloudy regions. Keeping the solar cells to below 77° F effectively eliminates panel and efficiency degradation, delivering constant rated power. Peaker mode cools panels well below 77°F to boost installation output above rating for a limited time.

Energy management features utilize consumption predictive AI to manage panel temperatures to optimize power production, selling surplus energy to utility companies.

Over-the-Air updates for the newest software to improve performance even after the initial purchase.

Stabilizing solar cell temperatures allows for greater powered solar cells to be used commercially. The more powerful the solar cell, the less of them needed to fulfill the same energy demand. That means fewer panels and materials needed for manufacture. This is good for conserving land and reducing waste. 

And with a Levelized Cost of Energy of $0.0351 per kWh, our system is the most cost effective power generation system in the world.

No other PV manufacturer can say the same. 

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